Update 6/12/2023 – Dynamic Spawns, Dynamic Loot, and New Quests

A recent update from TargetAcquired –

“So I’m still working out some kinks, but a couple of things done lately.

  • Dynamic mob spawns now work. This is most notable for camps like the Nasehirs where they spawn different types of mobs(cleric, wizard, lookout, etc) from one kill to the next. This feature hasn’t made it to all the mobs across Norrath yet as it takes some manual data compilation and will be a slow rollout starting with the starting cities and branching out from there.
  • Dynamic loot tables now work, but working through a bug or two. One time when killing a spider it might drop some spider leg tips, another time some damaged spider fur. This was implemented partially to help the next bullet point but just also future functionality. Same deal as the previous bullet, a slow rollout that will bleed outwards from the starting city over time.
  • Implemented a lot of Alutra’s recent work. He’s been at it like a madman. Decent level of confidence that Freeport Magician, Bard, Warrior, Enchanter, Rogue, and Cleric (could be missing one or so) quests now work to level 20 pending the loot tables above getting implemented.”