Update 5/22/2023 – Non-Exhaustive Feature List

This is not an exhaustive list I’m sure but it should have most things. Again bear in mind these are not ready for prime time which is why we don’t host a public server. Many of these items likely do still have bugs that need ironing out and sometimes crater our servers requiring a reboot until we can work the bugs out.

List of things that currently work/soon to work. Some may have small bugs that I haven’t listed.

  • Creating a new account works and logging in.
  • Server listing and logging into the world works.
  • Creating new characters work.
  • Buying and Selling with Merchants. Many main city merchants have semi-correct inventory.
  • Banking your items and tunar and withdrawing
  • Repairing items via the Blacksmith
  • Equipping, un-equipping, using, rearranging inventory, and destroying items in inventory
  • “Most” NPCs in the world have some dialogue. Many have unique dialogue written by Alutra and the team. The world is fully populated with NPCs.
  • Some quests work. Freeport quests are primarily under construction but that process is dramatically speeding up. Can delete quest from quest log. An example is Freeport Magician quests currently work up to about level 20.
  • You can attack and kill enemies in the game, loot them once dead and they will respawn. They do not move or follow you.
  • “Playing” with other real players works.
  • Enemies will do a basic attack against you if you engage them. They will not cast spells or abilities yet. They have a rudimentary aggro evaluation but needs expanding on a lot.
  • You can cast some spells. Cooldowns work. More are being added. You can learn spells from scrolls if the spell is implemented in-game. The current spell list includes all starter spells for all classes and Return Home. This includes being able to cast spells on friendly targets as well as enemies. Buffs work. Can assign spells from book to hotbar.
  • You can group up with other players. Creating groups, leaving groups, disbanding, etc
  • You can gain XP and level up. Mobs give XP, but currently, most leveling is done via questing. Nothing, in theory, stopping you from leveling to 60 aside from it’s not very convenient until more combat functionality and quests exist.
  • Chat works.
  • Who list works.
  • Spiritmaster binding works.
  • If you “quit” out of the game your character’s current information is saved. Periodic save will be added in the future.
  • Coaching works including signing the coachman’s ledger on the first interaction.
  • Looting enemies works. This isn’t currently dynamic as I’m still working on dynamic loot tables. A lot of content work will need to go into this still.
  • Stat allocation works.
  • Dying and respawning works.
  • Conning enemies works and shows their color circle relative to your level. Conning players works but also allows you to hold square to see their details.
  • Ingame “admin” system via chat just for adjusting some character states.