Update 7/21/2023 – Freeport 1-20 Quests + Goals for the Future

A recent update from Alutra –

“We are happy to announce that all 100 Freeport starter city quests have been written, and converted to code for EQOAEmu. There is definitely some supporting content (NPCs, Mobs, items etc.) that still needs to be put into place along with a healthy amount of internal testing, but this is a good start to getting a small piece of our game back in terms of content. At some point in the not-too-distant future, we will likely all be able to try out this content. This first step won’t be a complete game by any means, but it should feel like a small taste of the home we all knew and loved. There is still a long road ahead, but the future of EQOA has never looked brighter.

Some short-term goals for myself are fleshing out the locations that the Freeport quests send you to. This will help round out your adventure while you are questing.

Some medium-to-long-term goals for myself are:

  • Transplant the other 170 quests already written into EQOA Emu Lua.
  • Finish global general dialogue (guessing currently at maybe 50% complete) along with Sonadin
  • Finish the rest of the 714 quests

The EQOA Emu programming team surely still has some hurdles to overcome but I have high confidence in them. My own work still has some bugs here and there but we are making good progress on squashing them. Even if you don’t see us posting here, there’s development stuff happening all the time behind the scenes. We all have families and jobs that demand our attention too, but we always come back to this. It’s been nice to see such an active community here in Discord, and we are looking forward to our future online adventures with you!”