Update 8/1/2023 – Navmesh and Pathing

The EQOAEmu team is happy to announce the return of WilliamJohn, a former contributor, to the project. Previously he helped the content team create a master quest list. This list is the blueprint that Alutra follows to track down and create his quests. WilliamJohn has been working on navmesh and pathing. This allows mobs to roam (pathing) and not fall through the world (navmesh). That is the most simple explanation possible.

Directly from WilliamJohn –

“Some background. I was able to export the collision mesh for Qeynos from the Tunaria esf file. I took that object and transformed it’s vertices with blender by redefining it’s center point. so theat the top left corner of the obj was at 4000, 16000 (The starting world coordinates for Qeynos in game). I then wrote a simple navmesh generator in C# using dotRecast which is a very close C# port of the C++ version. Added that navmesh to ReturnHome and added a NavMesh manager class which loads, unloads the navmesh files based on a character position. While crude this was enough to start testing the navmesh in game.”

“Also, the roaming class I wrote is okay for wildlife (Back and forth roaming) but I’m manually firing off instances in the second video. The NPCs probably need to be defined as “roamers” or not. and only fire instances for the NPCs within a certain distance from a character.”

It is important to note that this is not the final solution. Random is helping WilliamJohn better optimize his work and is also helping him figure out the best way to implement these ideas into the server.