9/1/2023 – Ingesting Dialogue Changes + Other Small Fixes

Happy September! TargetAquired recently made an update to the EQOAEmu server.

From TargetAquired –

Ok finally somewhat back in the saddle! Ingested Sonadin and Alutra’s most recent dialogue changes into the source code today and tested it. Including NPC name corrections where they were currently wrong in Sandstorm and EQOAEmu. Also an additional fix that shows the NPCs name correctly before their corresponding dialogue as seen in the picture below.

Zones Ingested/Updated:

  • Tethelin/Fayspires
  • Bastable Village
  • Shon-To Monastery
  • Muniel’s Tea Garden
  • North Kithicor
  • Highbourne

If you are asking yourself “I though those last updates were already on the server?” then let me clear that up. The content team of Alutra and Sonadin work independently of the EQOAEmu server team. When Alutra or Sonadin create dialogue it is then shared with the server and TargetAquired or Bwiz have to implement it into the server. TargetAquired has been busy trying to take care of his health and Bwiz has been side tracked by real life. This update is an welcomed update from TargetAquired and we all hope this means his health is back on track.