9/8/2023 – Dialogue Update for Saerk Towers + Freeport 1-20 Community Reminder

From Sonadin –

“Finished a dialogue update for Saerk Towers, yesterday. We’re getting really close to having all of the dialogue completed that relates to the Freeport levels 1-20 quests for each class. Get excited!”

Previously we only had the Eastern Human Magician (Freeport) 1-15 working in a video that TargetAquired shared. The team is working toward getting all of the 1-20 quests in a playable state. We believe that all of the items needed for the Freeport 1-20 quests are in our database. We also have all of the 1-20 quests written for each class for Freeport only. WilliamJohn recently imported the navmeshes for all of the zones of Tunaria. He is currently trying to work up to pathing. With pathing, the quests written, and all the items in our database, quests will just need to be implemented on the server offically. After that we will be on our way. I would like to note that the goal is for a public server to be made available at the end of the year but this is still no guarentee. The goal for the server team is to have basic mechanics for fighting and the 1-20 quests for Freeport classes to be playable. (Along with any other feature that Target, Alutra, Sonadin, and Bwiz have showed off or mentioned in an update).