Update 8/23/2023 – Fayspire-Tethelin Rewrite + North Kithicor and Shon-To Monastery + What’s Left

The team is still hard at work as summer winds down! EQOAEmu is happy to announce the final dialouge update of the summer. (Its a good one!)

From Alutra –

“We just finished a BIG dialogue update for Fayspires-Tethelin. To my knowledge, this is the largest zone of speaking NPCs in the whole game, at almost 300 NPCs. I spent a lot of extra time researching elf lore, and making sure this reflected in the dialogue. If you go around and talked to every NPC here, you should have a good idea what the heck is going on with the elves. This was a personally big milestone to hit, and I am very excited to have this back in the game. Extra special thanks to Rezikai for his amazing loremaster skills and for delivering mountains of info to our lore section ⁠elf-lore . If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the lore, and I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did without it. Rod Humble, the original executive producer of EQOA speaks briefly about the elves being somewhat of a center point of EQOA’s time period, and I am very excited to help bring this back to life.

As noted by Rezikai, there are a lot of crazy inconsistancies when trying to reconcile the lore of EQ1 and EQOA. Finding ground to settle on is not easy, but when writing for a group of people (a whole race) you have some room to offer various interpretations as to what is going on. So, of course as the (re-)writers we have to take some creative liberties while trying to remain as faithful as possible to the source material, and also trying not to ruin anyone’s childhood. That said, any dialogue you read in an early alpha is somewhat subject to change as we find new information over time, and also to some degree, this is a living world.”

From Sonadin –

“I wrapped up a dialogue update for North Kithicor village and Shon-To Monastery! On to Bastable Village and Saerk’s Tower.

A final note from Alutra about the status of the content team and what to expect in the future.

From Alutra

“With these recent updates we have broken the 2000 mark for written general dialogue for speaking NPCs! –(2009 to be exact)The major locations left are Neriak, Highpass and Arcadin. There are a good handful of medium-sized locations, and probably dozens of small locations. By size here I of course mean quantity of speaking NPCs within an entire game zone (general dialogue, not quests). Currently projecting that final number to be between 2500-3500. We are counting as we go, and eyeballing the rest