Big update – June 5, 2024

It’s been quite a while since we’ve provided an update but the team has been hard at work as time has allowed. We’ll be adding some video footage to showcase various features to this post soon but we were really anxious to get the long awaited update into the community’s hands for a little excitement. We’re still not ready for a public release yet as there’s more we feel we need to do before then but things are getting closer.

  • Leveling
    • Player is able to level via quests, solo or group killing mobs.

Currently players are able to level all the way to 60 in theory. This is one of the things we’re actively working on as there’s a lot of camps that still need to be fleshed out in order for the grinding experience to be smooth and quests only exist for some starting cities up to level 20.

  • Merchants
    • Merchants buy and sell appropriate items correctly with tunar. Items stack correctly.

Merchants buying and selling has worked for quite a while on EQOAEmu but we’re constantly adding and correcting merchant lists focusing on the starting towns up front. A lot of merchants in the starting towns already have the correct items that they offered when the game was live including spell scrolls from class merchants.

  • Quests
    • 1-20 Quests work for Freeport classes.
    • Qeynos and Surefall Glade 1-20 coming soon.
    • Quests are added to the quest log, the quest log updates for every step you complete of a quest chain, quests can be deleted to restart a quest at the beginning.
    • Quests provide correct rewards including items, tunar, and/or experience.

QUESTS! Our Questmaster General, Alutra, has been extremely hard at work churning out tons of quests all across Tunaria. There’s a ton of work that goes into this as we have to ensure the quest files themselves are formed correctly so NPCs correctly hand off quest flags from one NPC to the next but also that NPCs give out the appropriate rewards, NPC behaviors work for story elements, and that the item requirements are in place to be able to complete the quests. Alutra and Target have worked together to come up with ways to streamline the quest creation process and things have sped up in that realm from when we originally started.

  • NPC Dialogue
    • NPCs talk to player based on faction
    • Normal and Negative Dialogue options

NPC dialogue has long worked in EQOAEmu but Alutra and Sonadin have been fleshing out a ton more areas. They spend a good amount of time researching areas and the lore for them to try to provide retail like dialogue or better. Recently we added negative dialogue options for when a player has poor faction with a specific NPC. Included in that update was creating the ability for merchants and service NPCs like coaches and bankers to deny their services and give the player alternative unfriendly dialogue.

  • Banking
    • Storing and retrieving tunar and items

The banker will store your things but they’re not currently ready to take on the enterprise of the auction house yet. We will be looking at that in a future update.

  • Blacksmithing
    • Blacksmithing works for repairing items for tunar.
    • Items currently don’t degrade on hit. Will be working to add this soon as part of combat improvements.

Sadly the blacksmith just can’t find enough customers right now. The forge is hot and they’re some of the most skilled at their craft but right now adventurers’ gear just seems invincible.

  • Loot
    • Players are able to loot items from mob corpses as long as within appropriate distance from corpse.
    • Loot rights work correctly based on player/group kill ownership.
    • Loot rights expire and mob corpse expires based on timers.
    • Lore, No Trade loot implemented and working.
    • Guaranteed item drops implemented for specific quest loot.
    • Loot drops between 0-3 items based on algorithm. Roughly 30% no loot, 50% 1 loot, 10% 2 loot, 10% 3 loot.

There’s a ton of complexity that goes into getting the looting mechanism correct. The vast majority of that works right now but i’m sure there’s bugs to be found and squashed.

  • Respawns – Dynamic spawn groups
    • Mobs respawn after respawn timer is hit once being looted.
    • In certain camps that have been set up, mobs will cycle randomly through mob types when appropriate. Example: Nasehir camp will spawn various classes of nasehir every time they respawn based on random algorithm.

Respawns across Tunaria work mostly as intended with the added fun of some spawnpoints having dynamic spawns. This spices up the grind a little bit as you never know whether you’ll get a beefy tank spawn or a glass cannon that can put your healer at risk if not careful.

  • NPC Patrol, Roaming, Chasing
    • NPCs now patrol based on the various routes defined for some NPCs.
    • Wildlife mobs roam as expected.
    • Mobs will appropriately chase you once engaged or once faction and range dictate that they should be aggressive to you.

The team is SO grateful to one of our talented developers, WilliamJohn, for working on this extremely complicated category of code. The navigation mesh and pathing code adds a ton of functionality to EQOAEmu and a ton of life to Tunaria. Patrolling and roaming is being slowly rolled out to more NPCs/Mobs across Tunaria but the world is starting to flourish with movement.

  • Combat
    • Players and enemies appropriately engage in combat doing similar to retail damage numbers. The damage calculations are still being refined to include NPC stats as that is fleshed out. WIP.
    • Range is respected in combat and players/npcs won’t do their damage if out of range.
    • Players/NPCs have heal and power over time now.
    • Spells have damage types. Resistances are currently being fleshed out more for combat math.

Combat is probably one of the more complex facets of the game but the functionality is pretty solid at a base level. NPCs stats play a pivotal role in combat calculations as they are pitted against the players stats and modifiers. This is something we’ll likely be engaging with the science minded denizens of Klik’ Anon with for quite some time and tinkering with to get *just right*.

  • Mobs
    • NPCs now cast spells, buffs, and debuffs
    • NPCs now drop loot from their own loot tables for individualized loot(species/level appropriate) and also drop loot from the biome table for rare/uncommon items drops. Will soon add things like gems to the global loot table.
    • Pets will do combat with enemies based on being sent with command or the player being aggro’d. Will do melee and cast spells they have assigned to them. Pet following also works but is currently under some changes.
    • Some pet commands work such as attack target, back off target, and dismiss pet.
    • NPCs now have classes that dictate their stats, modifiers, attack cadence, etc. By default everything is a warrior unless assigned otherwise.

A lot of work has gone into various aspects of in game NPC/Mob functionality and things are pretty close to being in a great spot.

  • Players
    • Player inspection
      • Inspecting self or other player appropriately displays correct level, race, class
      • Functionality already written for displaying Master Class and Guild but CMs and guild not yet implemented.
    • Aggro
      • Players generate aggro based on damage and various spells.
    • Items
      • Food/Drink
      • Other consumables
      • Items with class, race, or level requirements require the correct attributes
      • Gear is equippable, appropriately adjusts stats
      • Weapons appropriately equip to their correct slot, override weapons in those slots, etc
      • Weapon/Shield equipment appropriately applies single, dual, quad, thrown, bow attacks based on class/equipment combos
    • Spells
      • Spell requirements implemented including level, required mana, class, etc.
      • Spell type and scope work for restriction of casting but needs to be fleshed out for more spells.
      • Spells fizzle if their requirements aren’t met when casting
      • Status Effects
      • Buffs
        • Stat Buffs
        • Heal/Damage Shields
        • Appropriately trigger on melee damage types only
        • Resist component still needs implementing for damage shields
        • Invis
        • Speed improvement
        • Power and PoT boosting
      • Debuffs
        • Stat reduction
        • Aggro reduction and aggro range reduction
        • Root
        • Root appropriately locks NPC in place for the duration of the root. Root breaking on attack still needs implementing.
      • Status effects clear on death
      • Status effects of the same name can’t be stacked, same types need more stacking logic to prevent
      • Pet Summons
        • Pet shows correctly for player in group placards
      • Resurrection
        • Debt is removed based on strength of resurrection.
        • Player is returned to spot of death if within correct time limit unless within range of player.
        • Player respawns at spiritmaster or bind point on death.
      • Direct Damage
        • Direct damage spells correctly deal their damage and generate aggro.
      • AoEs
        • AoE attacks appropriately hit target with primary damage and AoE in range targets with secondary damage correctly.
      • Invis
      • Taunt
      • Healing
        • Heal Ticks
        • Stack Heals
        • Cure poison/disease
        • AoE heals
      • Item Summoning
        • Alchemist Potion Summons
        • Magician Item Summons
      • Learning Spells from Scrolls based on class/level requirements that can be purchased from correct vendors.
      • Un-memorizing all spells
      • Likely more as well
  • Chat
    • Say, Shout, Group, Guild
    • Admin commands currently used for testing but will be removed before public launch.
  • Grouping
    • Can invite players to group via direct invite or LFG menu.
    • Can leave and/or disband group correctly
    • Grouped players share mob experience. Mostly works, some aspects still WIP.
    • Group members correctly removed from group if members session is dropped
  • Multiplayer
    • Players are able to group, share experience, play together. Some aspects still WIP.
    • Shard server currently being worked on to improve long term stability. Currently not an issue but may be with a large amount of people.
  • Coaching
    • All coaches implemented.
    • Signing coach ledgers implemented
    • Coach minimum faction required
  • Spiritmaster
    • Some spiritmasters implemented, WIP to get all added
  • Tunar
    • Tunar gained from killing mobs, selling items to merchants
    • Tunar can be used to purchase items from vendors, turn in quests, repair items
  • Debt
    • Debt gained on death after level 5
    • Debt appropriately cleared when gaining experience
    • Debt icon shows and clears based on debt
  • Faction
    • Both players and NPCs have factions now.
    • Newly created players have default factions created for all possible faction based on race/class.
    • A little bit more needs to be completed but viewing the chart in the UI for your characters faction is almost complete.
  • Trading
    • Player to player trading will soon be a reality. The mysteries of the trade window are rapidly being unraveled and many facets of it already work in game.

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