Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Can I play?

Yes, but only on the Sandstorm server. We plan to have an open beta at some point in the future.

2. How do I play on the EQOAEmu server?

In short, you would have to host your own server locally. You can find more info about that here.

3. Why is there more than 1 Server?

Each server (EQOAEmu and Sandstorm) are coded in a different language than the others. Each project was also started at different times. It is not possible to combine them. What can be shared are things like quests and NPC databases.

4. Why do I not see any new updates?

Both servers are developed with free time outside of jobs, family, and the developers’ real lives. A lot of work happens behind the scenes and the public will not be updated on that due to the nature of that kind of work generally not being sexy features that we all love. This work is just as important as the feature updates we all see but it is more boring and understood less by the majority of the community. The developers also do not want to take the time to put out updates on every little thing they do. If they did it would take time away from the actual development of the game.

6. Can I help with the project?

Yes but, developers are not always looking for help because it takes time to train new people but if they need help they will ask in the EQOA Revival Discord. At some point, there is no set timetable, there may be an open beta that players can test so you can also keep an eye out for that in the discord. Beta testing would be a huge help once that becomes available.

7. Can I give money to the project?

No, the project does not accept money of any kind. The people working on the project are all volunteers and do this in their free time.

8. Will the finished server be playable on a PS2?

As it stands right now, you can play on a PS2 with EQOAEmu but you have to have an older model of the “fat” PS2. This model has to be one that you can set the linkID on. For specifics you should ask in the public discord.


1. What kind of controller can I use?

Xbox 360 and newer controllers are plug-and-play. Some people have been plug-and-play with ps4 controllers as well.

2. Why is my keyboard not working?

To get your keyboard to work use this and put it in your plugins folder for pcsx2 or you can map it yourself in pcsx2 by going to Config -> Controllers -> Plugin settings -> Pad 1.

3. Why am I getting “unknown error logging in?”

This issue happens when you try to log in with the wrong username and password for your account. If you have not made an account you need to do this before playing. If you cannot remember your login info there is currently no way to recover it and you will need to make a new account.

4. Why am I getting “cannot connect to the update server?”

There are a few common fixes for this issue. Some of them are:

  1. Make sure your disc is not patched. If you were able to connect to the server 1 time and not again then this may be your issue. Use the cheat file instead.
  2. When you use the cheat file make sure your cheats are enabled by going to System -> Enable Cheats
  3. Sometimes antiviruses do not like the server even though it is completely safe. Try disabling your antivirus to fix this issue. Malwarebytes are included in this category. Make sure to turn them back on once you log off the game.
  4. VPNs also do not like the server. Try disabling that too.
  5. Sometimes your router is skeptical of the server and it may require you to hardwire your PC into your router to connect.
  6. Some networks may think the server is malicious and try to redirect your connection. These networks may include student housing, certain brands of routers, and certain internet service providers. To see if this is the issue, connect your PC to a phone hotspot and attempt to connect. Make sure your phone is not connected to the wifi your PC was using.

*If you are still having issues connecting or have other questions please join the EQOA Revival Discord. For technical assistance use the #tech-issues-and-server-help-section to ask for help. For general chat use #freeport-commons. We cannot guarantee that we can help you connect to current servers or that we can answer all your questions but we can try.*