Server Setup

Docker Quick Start

For rolling up a server quickly, locally.


  • Linux, Mac, Windows OS
  • Docker desktop must be installed
  • Port 53, 7000, 10070 and 9735 must be open for Docker to bind to
  • The app.config and dnsmasq.conf file must be modified with your local server’s ip address.

Steps: Run the following command (docker-compose up -d) in the project’s directory to spin up a cluster in detached mode with the following containers

  • returnhome server
  • authentication server
  • dns service (dnsmasq)
  • http server
  • mariadb database

You can omit any of the following services above by commenting out their corresponding service stanza in the docker-compose.yml file.

Docker Troubleshooting

If you are running into any issues with your Docker setup, and want to start from scratch, here are some instructions for doing so, and some common commands for managing the compose cluster.

  • Shutting down your Docker Compose cluster : docker-compose down
  • Rebuilding your local images (if a file change isn’t being picked up) : docker-compose build
  • Restarting a specific service in Docker Compose : docker-compose restart <service name>
  • See the running status of all of your services : docker-compose ps
  • Viewing all container logs: docker-compose logs
  • Viewing process specific logs and following output: docker-compose logs -f <service-name>
  • Kill a single service : Collect the ID using docker ps, run docker kill <id>
  • Removing all local images from your machine (fresh start, make sure you have composed down) : docker system prune -af
  • Remove all docker volumes (good idea if you are having issues with a data volume) : docker volume prune -f